Nectre Inbuilt

The new Nectre Inbuilt is a face-lift from our current model and is more aesthetically pleasing. With it's longer burn time and better efficiency, it should definitely be the fireplace to keep you warm and snugly during the winter nights.





Radiant/Convection Wood Heater

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"Nectre Inbuilt is a traditonal wood heater that sits beautifully within a wall.

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Nectre Inbuilt dimensions

Model size : 695mm (w) x 616mm (h) x 541mm (d)



"A popular heater suitable for traditional or contemporary living, which is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia"

Additional Features

Nectre Inbuilt  is finished in black metallic paint and comes with cast iron door with ceramic glass and a stay cool spring handle. Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass. A 900mm x 290mm hearth is required extending out from the front of the appliance. This can be reduced to 190mm if raised 110mm off the floor. Door aperture is 250mm x 495mm. Total weight of the Nectre Inbuilt  is 130kg. 10 year firebox warranty on Nectre Inbuilt 


We recommend having a professional install any of our Nectre heaters. Our Dealers can arrange installation and most cases will undertake a site inspection to determine the correct location.

Standard 3 Speed Fan

The Nectre Inbuilt is fitted with a 3 speed remote control fan. Cleverly designed to be effective without being instrusive. Enjoy the powerful twin barrel power on hi speed. The In Built can be used either with our without the fan on.

Heater Clearances

Nectre Inbuilt  must be installed into an existing masonry fireplace to comply with AS 2918. We suggest you consult your dealer to confirm the correct installation requirements for your space.


Flue and Hearths

Nectre Inbuilt is not supplied with a flue from the factory. Our Dealers all provide suitable a flue and or decromesh kits required for installation. Nectre heaters do not come with hearths, our Dealers can supply a suitable hearth for your requirements.


The Nectre Inbuilt  has been designed and manufactured to exceed the strict AS/NZS 4013 standards for emissions of 1.5g / kg of fuel burnt and efficiency of 60%. 



Nectre Inbuilt  Installation manual

Nectre Inbuilt  User manual

Tips for burning wood

Where can I buy a Nectre Inbuilt 

Contact us for more information



                   Always burn seasonal

                   dry hard wood.


Radiant Heat

The Nectre Inbuilt fires release their heat through a combination of heat radiation, which heats objects, and convection which heats the air. Excellent for feeling the heat of the flame and warming the surround living space.

NATA Tested

The Nectre Inbuilt has been tested and approved in a NATA accredited testing facility of Adelaide Heating Technology Pty Limited.

Product disclaimer

Glen Dimplex Australia continually strives to improve the performance of all our Nectre heaters and stoves.

We reserve the right to change or alter sizes and or specifications without notice. Efficiency quoted are peak based on a low burn cycle. Burn times quoted are up to and can vary depending on wood, installation and heater condition. Emissions quoted are grams per kilogram. Safety, emissions and efficiency testing is in accordance with AS/NZS 4013, AS/NZS 4012, AS/NZS 2918:2001


Technical drawings for Nectre Inbuilt

A = 900mm, B = 290mm (from front of appliance),

C = 355mm, D = 1050mm, E = 1160mm


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