Wood Heaters

There is a Nectre designed to suit every home. These quality, Australian made heaters have been manufactured for over 35 years and have a solid reputation, not only in Australia, but in many countries overseas.

Come home to a Nectre slow combustion heater and you'll be warm through the coldest of Winters.


Nectre 15Nectre 15

Produces 12kW of heat and will effectively heat 15 squares. It is powerful enough to heat a small country cottage or suburban home with the benefit of being able to fit almost anywhere.



MK1Nectre MKI

This wood stove is great for heating large areas with high ceilings. Producing an output of 19kW, this is one of our best sellers.

MK2Nectre MKII

Same style as the Nectre MK I, but is double cased allowing it to be installed very close to walls and furniture. These units can be fitted with an optional 3 speed fan to push the heat from around the firebox into the room.



500 800 Series500 & 800 Series

If you prefer a more 'curveous' and contemporary style, then maybe the 500 & 800 series of wood stoves will suit your home. Available with either a pedestal base or as an inbuilt.

Wall FireWall Fire

The Wall Fire can be in-built in any home, new or existing, and raised well above the floor for contemporary feel.



InbuiltNectre Inbuilt

Perfect for a home with an existing fire place.

Baker's OvenBaker's Oven

A unique combination of a heater and an oven, with style from a bygone era. So while it's cooking a roast or baking bread, it spreads warmth through your kitchen or living areas.



MegaNectre Mega

With an output of over 25kW, it's one of Australia's most powerful free-standing heaters and will turn 40 squares of open space into warm, comfortable living.